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Comprehensive Collection Services

Depend on the professionals at Sarah Newell Atty for a complete range of collection services. From foreclosures and attachment garnishments to wage garnishments (for reasons such as child support, tax debt, defaulted student loans, and unpaid court fines), you can expect us to get the work done.
Collection Services

Get Complete Legal Guidance on Debt Collection

Rely on our tenacious legal team to fight for what you deserve. You will receive quality service from our helpful and friendly staff of versatile professionals. Experience the benefits of receiving fantastic legal advice and thorough guidance. Contact us today.

Legal Assistance in Foreclosures and Garnishments

Relax and rest easy knowing that you are receiving premium collection services at affordable rates. Let our knowledgeable team of professionals work hard for you, keeping you abreast of all the legal processes and procedures every step of the way.
We offer a FREE consultation on our debt collection services!
"My experience with him and his staff was wonderful. Todd was understanding of my situation and very personable."

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